FAQ (Preorders, Shipping, Grading)


  • support@pinjutsu.com
  • Please include your name and order # in your first email for faster assistance!


    • International Shipping: I currently ship internationally with tracking. Unfortunately, I will no longer be offering untracked shipping options due to the rate of lost mail.
    • All in-stock orders please allow 3 - 4 business days processing time. Estimated transit time is calculated at checkout.


    • If an item is listed as a preorder, you will be charged at checkout and the item will ship when specified in the listing.
    • Preorders will typically stay open for two weeks or until I run out of preorder slots. I may also open preorders for pins that are already in production to help me gauge interest and determine if I need to order a restock sooner. In-hand extras will be available after all preorders have been shipped out. If in-hands sell out and it is an open edition pin, preorders for a restock may open if there is enough demand.
    • If production of a pin is cancelled, you will be refunded 100% (shipping, pin, tax & any other fees).
    • All in‑stock items in your order will be held until all preorder items are ready to ship so please place separate orders if you would like in‑stock items to ship immediately!
    • If you would like to change your shipping address or make any other changes to your order, please email: support@pinjutsu.com


      • Standard Grade: These are the highest quality pins from the batch. Pins are made by hand so these may still have minor flaws (usually not noticeable at first glance but may be noticed after inspecting up close for an extended period of time)
      • B-Grade: These are about an 8/10. From a few feet away, flaws will not be noticeable. Up close, you may notice 1 or 2 flaws such as underfilled enamel, visible scratches, chipped metal, etc. As a B‑grade collector myself, I think they’re still great for pin boards! They’re also great for bags/lanyards or any place where the pin may get scuffs anyway.
      • C-Grade: These have more noticeable flaws such as bigger chips/scratches or miscolor. All C-Grade pins are final sale.
      • Rejects: These are heavily discounted due to very noticeable flaws or crooked posts. I don’t have many pins of this grade so they will be available on a first come, first served basis when I announce a rejects sale. These will not include a backing card. All reject pins are final sale.  


    • Will this pin restock?
      • Most of my pins are open edition and will restock if there is demand so let me know on my Instagram posts if you are interested! There may be exceptions and I will announce if that is the case.
    • I found your pin designs for sale somewhere else/ I found someone selling under the name pinjutsu. Is this you?
      • I only sell on etsy, pinjutsu.com, and events listed on my event schedule. I also do not use 'pinjutsu' elsewhere besides my twitter, instagram, and tiktok (@pinjutsu). Unfortunately, my designs are sometimes used and sold without my permission so I greatly appreciate those that choose to support me directly!
    • Which cons/events will you be attending?
      • You can find my con schedule here!
        • Do you take commissions?
          • Commissions are currently closed.